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Every day when we come to our office, we recommit ourselves to serving you to the very best of our ability. Then, throughout the year, we attend continuing education courses, explore the latest technology, and implement new procedures to improve our level of care.

At Bridgeport Family Dentistry, our aim is to provide you with professional service and quality dental treatment every time! Our dentists are highly experienced in various fields of dentistry, so that we are able to offer you the best possible treatment,  no matter what your dental needs are.

Dr. Satish Garg has built a practice that recognizes the importance of excellent oral care to your overall well being. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to improve your dental health using cutting-edge dental technology and services, open communication with every patient, and our own personal touch. In addition, we never double book appointments because we respect your time. You deserve our full, personalized attention during each visit. Rest assured, we’ll take care of your dental needs in a friendly, comfortable environment.

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Crowns: A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth. It is used to strengthen and protect your tooth structure. Most crowns are made of a hard, white substance to help them look natural.

Bridges: A dental bridge covers or “bridges” the gap between missing teeth. After you lose a tooth, your dentist may suggest that you get a bridge. A bridge can keep your other teeth from moving out of place. Once a bridge is placed, it works just like your natural teeth.

A great smile should improve your self-confidence, which can have a positive impact on the social and professional aspects of your life. Cosmetic dentistry is not just about pretty smiles though. New techniques and materials are available for back teeth as well as those seen when you smile. Now your mouth can look great, get healthy, and function better, all at the same time.

Dental Implants are made of titanium and placed directly into your jawbone surgically. Then a crown, bridge or denture is placed over the implants and yield permanent, natural-looking teeth that don’t have to be removed nightly.

A cavity is a hole in the tooth that is caused by dental decay. It causes more food and plaque to accumulate inside thereby aggravating the problem. Hence a cavity when detected should be restored as soon as possible to prevent further tooth damage.

Brushing should be done twice daily for optimal dental health. Regular brushing removes dental plaque which is constantly accumulating on the tooth surfaces and keeps the teeth clean.

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