We recommend a first checkup by 12 months old to make certain that teeth and jaw development are normal, and even more importantly so that parents and guardians know how to help their children be healthy from the start.

Guide lines for Working with Children and for Kids Dental Health

There is a significant value for early well Kids dental checkups. In particular, checkups for very young children address many concerns including teaching adults how to care for their child’s teeth and gums, how to help their children learn to care for themselves, answering parents questions and concerns, and planning for future dental health.

At Bridgeport Family Dentistry dental clinic, Our dental specialists are specially trained to help you create a bright, healthy smile for your child/ Kids. We understand the importance of establishing good oral hygiene practice early in a child’s life and believe that if children can have fun while developing positive dental habits, they will be more likely to have good oral health for the rest of their lives.  Our practice is committed to making this journey to a healthy smile, a relaxed, fun and enjoyable experience.

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