Earlier any significantly infected or damaged tooth was just extracted.

Sometimes, a tooth is too damaged or diseased for the dentist to be able to save it, and a tooth extraction may be needed.

Reasons for tooth extraction include:

An extraction is only a short-term solution. While it does remove the source of infection, it may set off a chain reaction of shifting teeth and other dental problems. Changes in your bite can lead to cavities, periodontal disease, and possibly even more tooth loss.

Today due to this root canal treatment most of the damaged or impacted teeth can be saved thus avoiding their extraction.

Bridgeport Family Dental will remove wisdom teeth as well as most erupted and impacted teeth. We treat most tumors, cysts, infections and traumatic injuries, excepting jaw fractures. We are a specialized tooth extraction dentistry in Bridgeport area.

An tooth extraction is truly the last resort.

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